The Gala for Life

is a fun and glamorous event to raise money for pregnancy help centres around Australia, which has been around since 2015. We have raised money for The Babes Project, Diamond Women and in 2023, we weill raise money for Pregnancy Help Australia and their ‘hubs of love’ mission. The goal with every Gala for Life is to raise awareness of, and funding for, life-affirming pregnancy help centres in society, so that all women have access to the support they need to choose life for their baby. That’s why the Gala for Life is under the patronage of Our Lady of Guadalupe who says to them, as she did to St Juan Diego: “Listen. Put it into your heart, my youngest and dearest one, that the thing that frightened you is nothing; do not let it disturb you; do not fear this sickness nor any other sickness, nor any hurtful thing. Am I not here, I, who am your Mother?” 

Our Mission

Gala for Life is a private initiative brought to you by a small group of dedicated Australians who are passionate about protecting all mothers and unborn babies.Our goal is to support women in crisis, to get the support they need to eliminate the crisis, not the pregnancy. We also want to support those women who need healing after infant loss. Our event is under the mantle of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Unborn. Our prayer is “That all mothers and unborn babies are protected and kept safe”.

Our Vision and Values

  1. Pregnancy, birth and motherhood is a natural physiological process designed to bring natural happiness, wholeness and fulfillment to women.
  2. Life begins at conception, and through pregnancy, that new person gestates in a mother’s womb, and a mother begins to care about herself and her baby.
  3. Pregnancy is a privilege, and anyone who needs support to carry their pregnancy should have access to non-judgemental care and concern for them and the life of their unborn baby.
  4. A unique, maternal relationship begins immediately between a mother and her baby at the moment of conception. 
  5. At the moment of conception, a new person who is unique and unrepeatable has taken up residence in the home of the womb as a separate entity.
  6. Both the lives of a woman and her unborn baby are equally precious, special and unique, and worthy of respect. 
  7. No matter the circumstances, premature infant loss invites parents into a grieving process.
  8. Premature infant loss, whether natural or imposed, can cause devastating sadness for both parents.
  9. No matter the circumstances of premature infant loss, everyone should have appropriate access to grief and healing recovery.
  10. Every woman should have access to life-affirming pregnancy help, and life-affirming grief recovery and healing.

Bridget Spinks, Founder

Bridget Spinks (1985 – ) founded Gala for Life after finishing her Master of Arts in Philosophical Studies at Notre Dame, where she learnt the Pope John Paul II philosophy on happiness. His philosophy is that to experience happiness, we have to do something fulfilling; and that it is morally good activities that are going to give the doers true happiness. In Pope John Paul II’s 1976 essay “Person: Subject and Community”, he writes: “I fulfill myself not by the fact that I fulfill an action, but by the fact that I become good when the action is morally good.” In simple terms, when you do good, you become good and that’s when you experience happiness! 

Bridget is a founding member of the Archconfraternity of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Australia. She holds Bachelors degrees in Journalism and International Studies from UTS, as well as a Masters degree in Philosophical Studies from the University of Notre Dame Australia. She is motivated to run the Gala for Life to allow people the chance to become better persons and have fun in the process. The Gala for Life is a huge party to celebrate life, where people who attend in their ticket donate to a life-affirming charity that helps women.

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